On-line once again

I’m so very excited to announce that Your Cherished Birth now has full internet access once again. It has been such a long time since I could say that!
Since I’ve been offline (mostly; I did have my phone but it is so hard to type out an entire article using that thing), a lot of babies have been born!
The total number of births I have attended has now reached 12! Since the birth of my son Micah (back in October of 2013) when we moved across the country and gave up our internet connection, I have attended the births of babies born to Erin, Hannah, *Morgan, Jeanette, Neva, Jenny, and Torah. That is seven births in less than two years! I know that doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve been an active doula since 2011, and my first birth was in 2008. That means business is really picking up! And 4 of these births have been since arriving in Oklahoma not even a year ago! Praise God for birthing women in the Oklahoma area!
I’m looking forward to serving two more this calendar year! One of them I’m even traveling across the country for which is exciting to say the least! This doesn’t mean I don’t have time for more births though! If you are looking for a doula and due in the months of September, or November I’m your lady! I can also discuss births in late October and early December.
I wanted to share this very special photo with you… it is a part of my passion. Maybe you wont understand, or maybe you will, either way it is amazing to me.

so fresh from his mother's womb his skin hasn't even gotten any color yet.
so fresh from his mother’s womb his skin hasn’t even gotten any color yet.

This is a precious thing to me. The contrast of skin color is just amazing. Isaiah was only moments old, his darling little form just eager for the warmth of his mother’s chest, and his tiny feet not even pinked up by oxygen running through his own lungs yet.
Before anyone worries I want to be clear that he was perfectly fine and breathing well, no complications.  Just amazingly wet, and fresh from his mother’s womb!  I love the contrast of mother and son, and the newness of him verses the warmth and light of her.

I have nothing doula-y to say about this, just an incredible awe for the miraculous way that children are brought into our world, and incredible love for God in all he does to draw us to our mothers from the very start of our lives, and then to learn to become mothers (or in this case since the baby is a boy, fathers) ourselves once day.

Such a fresh moment, so perfect!

Have a Cherished Birth!

*name changed for privacy reasons

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