A Woman with a mission

It is my mission here on this blog, and in my daily life to help women find safe natural remedies for problems in their lives, and it is my privilege today to share a link with you all from a woman whose mission is like-minded.  Dr. Aviva Romm is a Doctor and a pioneer in natural health care for women and children.  Seems like the perfect kind of physician!  I wish I could be a patient of hers, but I can’t, so instead I’m reading her blog, where she not only explains problems many of us face, but also gives the answers out for free!

Just recently she wrote about endometriosis, a problem that apparently 1 in 10 women face.  I knew so little about it before, just that it involved the menstrual cycle and pain, but felt it might possibly be helpful to others, so I’m sharing it with you!  If you suffer from this terrible thing, please read the article, and try the things she mentions, also for clarity on some of the recommendations look in the comments if you are not too sure, a few people have asked questions and Dr. Aviva has given them answers to clarify what she is recommending.

If anyone finds the recommendations that she gives helpful, I would be very interested to know so please leave me a comment and tell me what was helpful and how long you’ve been using it.  Since I don’t personally suffer from this disease I can’t personally vouch for the information, and could use your help in identifying the validity of her statements (though many people have commented and I tend to believe them).

Here’s the link, and I pray that it will help at least one person out there looking for answers that don’t involve surgery!

The Natural Approach to Endometriosis: Getting to Your Root Causes

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