When does Aunt Flo come back?

If you are like me then about two months after baby arrives you start to wonder how long you get to escape the monthly visit from Aunt Flo,  and gladly accept the space from her for a few More months until around 6 months when you take a look at your life and decide whether you might want to narrow down the chances of conceiving again, or if you might be ready for another cuddly baby already.  Then at 9 months you start to get antsy, not because Aunt Flo is a welcome guest but because her arrival is a mystery.

In the past I believed that frequency of nursing and the arrival of Aunt Flo were linked like fingers on a hand, being part of each other, it seemed that for me (it is different for everyone) I should expect her unwelcome visits around 9 months postpartum,  but you can imagine the surprise I got when she didn’t show up at 9,10, or even 11 months and I’m daily concerned about when in the world I will be ovulating… not because I want to be pregnant but because if I became pregnant I would want to know when.  If Aunt Flo arrived even once I could narrow it down a bit…

So I looked it up again expecting to find the same answers but instead ran into this article http://www.breastfeedingscience.com/2013/04/the-science-of-lactation-and-fertility-when-will-i-get-my-period-back-if-im-breastfeeding/#comment-186

Please read it… it makes so much sense! I never expelled so much energy with my other two and this theory would perfectly answer my questions of why Aunt Flo isn’t arriving yet… and also might indicate when I should expect her.

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