The traveling doula

For my friends and family (whom I most often serve) I have become a traveling doula. Yes they could get a doula in their own city, but part of having a doula is building a relationship with her, a trust.

So for anyone checking out my calendar you will see I’m not available during the months of October and November, and I am so excited to say the reason is that I will be traveling to serve!

It is a new concept, that a doula would travel across multiple state lines to be with a client, but it is one that makes me feel blessed to be trusted by those who ask it of me

I’m also feeling blessed at the number of births I have been asked to attend lately. So many babies coming into the world is such an exciting thing!

As at nearly every birth I attended the last one I went to made me cry tears of joy. Seeing the mother and her excitement and eagerness to greet her son and then finally reaching down and pulling him to herself was just all I could take! It is my honor to serve in this moment, and it makes me weep tears of joy just remembering those precious moments between each mother and her newly born child.

So to all who have invited me to join the team, thank you! And to those who are considering me as their doula, I will do my best to provide you with the comfort and information you need and don’t be surprised if we cry together the moment you first hold your new baby!

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