Keeping your bag intact

I have often thought that the bag of waters could be beneficial to a baby during labor, but in the beginning believed that it was just something that would eventually break during labor and that was normal too.. while that IS normal it isn’t necessarily natural, which I’m learning over and over again can be very different things (normal and natural I mean).

With my first I was a part of a small group of women whose water’s break and they do not go into labor.  I didn’t know what to do but assumed that I needed to rush to the hospital and did so….

With my second I was labeled (falsely) with ‘failure to progress’ and my midwife did the rupturing for me.

Since then I’ve been opposed to having it done but advise my clients to weigh the pros and cons themselves and therefore come to their own decisions… Now that will not change, no matter what I read, however I think I’ll recommend this blog post to my future clients, I found it very helpful to know that keeping the bag intact just might actually help labor progress… I hope you will visit the site and check out what they have to say!

Have a Cherished Birth!

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