Exciting yet not surprizing study.

The University of Minnesota’s school of public health released a study showing the benefit of a birth doula to women of low-income.  The results to me are not surprising but could mean great changes in insurance coverage!  You’ll have to read this article, but the basic idea is that it may lead to Medicaid coverage of Doula care!  Wouldn’t that be incredible?   

Medicaid is of great assistance to so many women, my mother was on it for all of her children’s births, and my brother’s wife had it for their two children’s births, I’m looking at it for the birth of my next child as my husband’s income has dropped over the last year.  BUT currently in most states it does not cover things like home birth, or doula care (which though many people think they do, do not often go hand in hand).  So seeing that there was a 40% reduction in C-section rates for women on Medicaid who had the care of a doula offers a lot of evidence toward changing this policy. 

Have a Cherished Birth

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