The world of the Peanut ball

Last year I attended a hospital based birth where there was a Peanut Ball… I’d never seen these before, and it baffled me as to why one would be used, surely this oddly shaped ball couldn’t be better or even remotely as useful as my own yoga ball… the shape seemed off, if you sat on it you’d be pretty low to the ground, and this could be difficult to get off from.  At least that is what I thought.  But there is a time and a place for these odd-shaped balls!

Color me impressed!  I just found this website with a detailed description of how to use these odd-shaped balls during a labor where epidural is used.  Which oddly enough is most of the births I’ve attended, at first I thought perhaps I’m not as good of a doula as I want to be considering that fact, but in retrospect I take a lot of clients who actually WANT an epidural, so just delaying the procedure is an incredible feat for me (at least in my opinion)… ANYWAY… how can these peanut balls help?  Check this out.  I do recommend watching the linked video, I didn’t fully understand the placement of the ball without the visual effect.

Have a Cherished Birth!


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