Reduce the number of low birth weight babies, and reduce the number of infant deaths.

Michigan Government put this information (along with many pages more) on how they plan to reduce infant mortality.  Please check it out and see what you personally can do to help reduce michigan’s rates of infant mortality.

did you know that (as the document states) Low Birth Weight is the leading cause of infant death?  One of the reasons a baby is born with low birth weight is c-section.  Although a c-section saved my daughter’s life, I still would like to help prevent the need for them.  You never know when your due date (which should be a due month) could be off by a little bit, and every day, every week, is so important to your babies development, do what you can to avoid a c-section, or induction.

The following information was taken from this website:


Implement a Regional Perinatal System

2. Promote adoption of policies to eliminate medically unnecessary deliveries before 39 weeks gestation

3. Promote adoption of progesterone protocol for high-risk women

4. Promote safer infant sleeping practices to prevent suffocation


Expand home-visiting programs to support vulnerable women and infants



Support better health status of women and girls

a. Prevent and manage chronic conditions, including Michigan 4 x 4 initiative

b. Integrate oral health promotion and treatment into the medical home


Educate and build healthy living skills in students

7. Reduce Unintended Pregnancies

a. Expand teen pregnancy prevention programs: Michigan Abstinence Program and Personal Responsibility Education Program

b. Promote reproductive planning for all childbearing aged adults as a component of primary care and promote access to reproductive health services as needed.

8. Weave the social determinants of health into all targeted strategies to promote reduction of racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality.

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