Really what is a Doula?

I’ve been handing out my business card to every pregnant woman, every person who mentions pregnancy, and every person who could possibly know a pregnant woman, and you know what I’m getting in return?  “What is adoula?”  I think perhaps I’m not pronouncing things clearly enough, it isn’t adoula, it is A Doula.  Once I correct the grammar thing I move on to explaining the place and possition of a doula in labor, and it is amazing how few people know what one is, but also how educated those who do know are.  So incase you want some more information yourself, here is a site that may help explain further what I do.  There are also other things on the site about healthy pregnancy, and I have NOT read them so I do not endorse them, but you can check them out and if you have questions let me know.


Happy pregnancy!


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