New Location

Usually I do not post about my personal life, just informative articles about birth and labor but this one pertains to you, so here you go, some personal life of your doula!

I’ve moved!  I was formerly located in Mason Michigan, nestled in between two fairly good sized cities where I could drive to either one and help deliver your blessings, but now I’m much further away.

My new location is Oscoda Michigan.  Still in the state, but now much further away.  Consequently I’m also further away from a lot of resources, so my resource list went from nearly full, to barely started.

I’ll be building that list, so most likely the next few weeks maybe even months will contain posts about my new location, and the resources that can be found here.

Good luck to all the mommies delivering soon!  And I hope sincerely that your birth will be exactly what you hoped it would be, Cherished!


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