Every Birth deserves a Doula

Plenty of babies are born every year without the presence of a doula, so why use one?  Honestly I thought only the weakest and the rich would need a doula, but after delivering my first child I realized that while it was empowering I really could have used the friendly face of a woman who understood what I was going through in the room with me.  My husband was a FANTASTIC coach but knew nothing to speak of that I didn’t already know and often wanted to call in a nurse or the doctor for the smallest concerns and just didn’t want to be left alone not knowing what to do… it annoyed me to be interrupted all the time, a doula would have been the perfect fix for us!

Here is a website with the reasons that DONA international has that every laboring woman should be attended by a birth doula  http://www.dona.org/mothers/why_use_a_doula.php

enjoy the read!

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