Happy New Year

Your Cherished Birth would like to congratulate you on surviving 2020! Amidst the craziness we all endured over the year 2020, there were some amazing silver linings here in my home, and in my work, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Over 2020 I attended 37 births

20 Girls, 17 Boys

5 C-sections (when this is the case I was not allowed to attend the actual birth, but was present for all or most of the labor) that is a 13.5% c-section rate.

19 Water births

2 Birthed before my arrival

4 were transferred to hospital care and birthed vaginally (again I couldn’t attend the actual birth of these babies due to COVID-19 restrictions at hospitals)

I learned new midwifery skills, too many to list.

Changed preceptors when my first one moved to Florida.

Completed my first semester of Midwifery College at Mercy in Action College of Midwifery.

Started teaching Childbirth Education classes.

Met a lot of really amazing women, both those who were birthing and those who were supporting those who birthed babies.

On a personal level,

I accidentally burnt down a shed with our children’s rabbits inside.

Learned I still struggle with certain elements of sexual abuse in my past (though I thought it had been resolved years ago).

Learned that I have a lot of difficulty with masks physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Stayed healthy

Switched roles almost entirely with my amazing husband.

Learned a lot about mental health awareness.

Learned that God is good, and he is faithful, and he can and will provide for all our needs, even when it seemed there was no way we can afford to pay our bills.

And I am second by second remembering that my children are growing up so fast, and I’m hoping I’m spending enough time building them up, not to feel good, but to be good, and to know they are loved, so loved.

I hope that 2021 is starting out amazingly for all who may read this.

In my house, it has started a little rough, my grandmother had a minor heart attack (don’t worry, she is getting great care and I’m told she is doing well), and my 4 year old stayed up till the countdown, not because I allowed it but because she was sick and needed mommy cuddles (and a bowl nearby). As bleak as this sounds, I’m expecting a great year! Not because 2020 was so bad, but because God is so GOOD!

Have a Cherished 2021!

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