I’m Available

WOW 2020! What an adventure. Besides having a pandemic on the hands of people around the world, I’ve also begun midwifery school, and let me tell you, it is overwhelming, and difficult, and yet going to be so worth it! I can’t wait to serve mamas in more ways!

However, the midwife I work with doesn’t have a lot of births for the months of November and December, so pregnant mamas in need of a doula during this ridiculous pandemic, I’M AVAILABLE!

I understand how scary it can be to birth your baby in a hospital during a pandemic, and I understand how much mamas need a bit of extra care and comfort during this time of birth. You don’t have to do it alone ladies!

And Dad’s, I get how it is amazing and frightening at the same time to see your wife/girl friend go through childbirth and how you actually might want some extra support in caring for her! You don’t have to be the only one caring for her!

I’m here if you need me! And I hope you’ll call on me if you do!

Check my other pages out for more information on rates and packages!

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