Switching roles

It has always been my dream to become a homebirth midwife, and suddenly I find myself in the position to follow that dream!

For the last month I have been an apprentice for a local midwife, training in various courses, and applying to colleges.  I have attended three births since becoming a homebirth midwifery apprentice, though one of those births was actually a doula client, and not a midwifery client.  What have I learned so far?

Well for starters I learned how to take blood pressure, and yes ladies and gentlemen, it is important to p it the stethoscope on the arm of the person you are trying to get a reading from…

I’ve also learned NRP, CPR, and some math skills I probably once knew but was very rusty on.  I’m in the process of learning to recognize the speed of fetal heart tones, something I realized my brother actually does much better than I do.

Next month I start some college classes at a local community college, they will prepare me for my midwifery courses.  I’m excited about this journey, and I hope you all will be excited for me as well.

There are so many things I’d like to say about it, but to be honest the only thing I can think about right now is that I’ve realized there is a HUGE problem in my industry…. I mean Giant… but mostly because it is my own personal problem and not really that huge probably to others.  My back!  At the last birth I attended I realized that I seriously need to get back into weight training.

When I was in high school I loved weigh training, but I focused on my legs mostly because I was at the time a horse owner and felt that having strong legs was important for riding horse… however now that I’m 35 years old, and have not done any strength training in a number of years, I feel that it would be in my best interest to start building up my core… I thought it would be neat to find a workout program that focused on the muscle groups that I need most during long labors and births.

And there isn’t one!

So I’m on the hunt.  If you know of one that would help me I’d be forever grateful for the recommendation, but until I find one, I’m going to set out on my own and try to find the exercises I need to make my back and core muscles stronger.

And thank you to so many of you who have encouraged me to travel down this path!

I love you all so much!

Have a Blessed Birth!

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