Pitocin, what are the risks?

Most women who enter a hospital to birth their baby will come into contact with the drug, or the offer, or in some cases threat of Pitocin.  It is a fact that if your labor stalls while in the hospital, particularly if your water has broken that the Doctor or midwife will want to get it going again and often the option is Pitocin.

If you are not in labor, past your dates, and your doctor is concerned or on a schedule then you will run into a number of drug induced labor options, one of them being Pitocin.  I have an opinion about this drug, but for the time being I feel I should just keep it to myself…

What I wont keep to myself is this package insert 

Another pregnant mama came across an article written based on this insert, I’m not going to share the article with you either because many mamas that read it said that it seemed like a fear based article.  I disagree, but I don’t want to scare you either, so I’d rather just give you the same information that you’d be offered by a pharmacist if you were given a prescription for any other drug.  I find it funny that this information isn’t given to mamas who are not in labor before an elective induction, but that also is a story for another time. 

I encourage you to read the package insert and know what your risks and benefits are for using Pitocin to get your labor started, or maintained.  There are real medical reasons for using Pitocin, but those are things you can discuss with your doctor.  In case you are not given another opportunity to read the insert, I highly recommend that you do.

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