Since birth is my game…

I recently became a part of a group that talks specifically about birth and related topics of interest, and that is honestly where all these birth stories are coming from, but each one just holds so much strength, so again I’m bringing you a story about birth!  Hey, it’s what I do! 

This time I bring you Shelly and the birth of Randy, I love how Shelly tells her story with humorous yet blunt truthfulness.  I also love that her birth was pretty much unassisted yet in a hospital, honestly that is just the way to go!  I mean for many women we end up in hospital for the ‘what if’ right?  so WHAT IF you were able to deliver your baby exactly the way it was meant to be delivered, i.e. without intervention unless you were absolutely in need of it?  That would just be a perfect world in my opinion… but it just isn’t likely to ever happen outside of rare situations like Shelly’s. 

So here you go, Shelly’s amazing birth!

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