Childbirth Education

I just finished up the last week of my first childbirth education class, it was truly a joy to teach!  I’m sure I forgot important things, but I also feel that I did the best I could, and I’m ready and excited to be preparing for the next class in June!  The dates are yet to be announced, but I expect it to be every friday in June (keeps it simple that way).

I want to say a special thank you to my guest speakers Ralph and Alicia for coming and teaching about areas I’m less familiar with.  I really enjoyed getting some input from our Michigan health department and the Sheriffs office!  I hope to continue getting support from local resources, and in the future hope that my students might come back and tell about their birth experiences to future students.

I anticipate a greater understanding of the design of a woman’s body for producing and bringing forth her children, and I’m looking forward to further educating our small community in childbirth.

Thank you also to my student for attending the class!  I look forward to hearing the announcement of your babies birth!

Have a Cherished Birth!

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