VBAC discussion with a doctor at a hospital with a VBAC ban.

I just had the privileged of reading an article written by vbacfacts.com and I’m just totally impressed, so I must share!

The article can be found here.  The author gives us access to an actual letter written by a doctor who delivers babies in a hospital with a VBAC ban.  As a birth professional I’m ashamed to say that he almost had me during his initial argument, but then I went on to read the following reasons why he opposed VBAC and he lost my confidence.  However our author was much smarter than I am and even pulled out some actual data that suggested the doctor was giving fallacies in his letter to bring home his point.

I do recommend reading the letter he is responding to, but as he quotes her questions and concerns through out his response letter I don’t feel it is absolutely necessary.

I want to be real with you, the risks of a vaginal delivery after a cesarean are real, and if they occur they can be horrible, even catastrophic.  But vbac has 75% chance of success, and that is really something!  In those who fall into the 25% you don’t find death of the mother or baby in all cases, what you do find is a c-section in all cases of failed VBAC.  Before deciding you can’t do a VBAC you really should know the risks that both methods of delivery carry and make an informed decision on which risks are acceptable to you.


Have a Cherished Birth

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