Beautiful Woman Campaign ‘winner’

I hate to say that any of the 13 Beautiful women who submitted a picture were the ‘winner’ because to be honest, they are all beautiful, and totally worthy of being recognized for it.  So here is a little shout out to all the women who participated!

Brittany- Thank you so much for your sweet picture of your grandmother cherishing you unborn child!

Jeanette- Your smile is contagious!  and if only the people viewing this picture could know just how amazing you really are!

Natacha- I still think that it is COMPLETELY amazing that you were brave enough to have a vaginal birth after 4 c-sections, not because it was scary or dangerous, but because I can only imagine how hard you fought to have that considering the what the opinion of a trial of labor after only one section is, and the likely hood of a mama in hospital to achieve it.

Me— I don’t feel like praising myself, but I do feel like mentioning the fact that my photo was taken directly after giving birth to my first child, med free

Jessica- What a sweet restful picture of you and your son!  I love the peace and the comfort that seeps from the image into my heart!

Lacey- We have talked about the birth of your children before, and I know that having your c-sections was difficult, I’m so proud of you for submitting this photo for the campaign.  You truly are an amazing woman!

Laura-You and your daughter are so beautiful!  Your smile and eyes shine an excitement for each other that is just truly a ‘mama’ look.

Emily-One of the most kind-hearted women I’ve had the privilege to get o know!  You are an amazing woman, with experience and love to spread around!

Chelsea- The two photos that I shared (of the many you graced me with) were so touching, and amazing.. and i really hope that people will be inspired by your birth story.

Cherie- I have long believed you were one of the most lovely women I’ve ever met.  Somewhere between a pixie and a Joan of Ark, you marvel people with your character and charm them with your smile!  I’m blessed to call you one of my sisters (even if we are not really related)

Shona- For all the reasons I love your daughter Cherie mentioned above, I love you too, but even more personally I love your love of life, and determination to find the good in all things.

Carrie- The best things I’ve learned about being a wife and a mother came from you, I know that seems incredible since in so many ways we are in the same position, but it is true, and your beauty shines at its fullest when you are being yourself and taking care of the family that God blessed you with!

Now onto the woman whose photo brought the most ‘likes’ in the album, Hilary!

Hilary and I had a chance to interview, but before I present you with my questions and her answers I wanna give you a little light on a woman that I believe is really BEAUTIFUL!

Hilary is the mother of two of the prettiest and most unique little girls ever.  Though I have never met them in person, I have been lucky enough to know Hilary through the internet since our first pregnancies and then though we never lost touch we reconnected through our second pregnancies.  She is a brave woman, and struggles throughout pregnancy with terrible morning sickness for most of the nine months, and other common problems as well.  She is also brave in that she and her husband were married in December, her husband and two daughters were born November/December and she is now due for her third child, a boy, in December as well.  I’m positive she didn’t plan all those celebrations in one month, but she is brave none-the-less.

Now onto the good stuff… Here is what Hilary had to say to me in our interview.

Your Cherished Birth: What made you decide this was the picture to submit to the campaign?
Hilary: It was right after I had my second baby girl and I just really liked it. Hard to believe just a few minutes before I was in the worst pain of my life!

Your Cherished Birth: I remember the day you put that picture out after your daughter was born, I thought ‘how did she manages to look so good?  I had just had a c-section and kept thinking there was no way I could have thought about make-up but here you were totally glamorous, I have to admit I was a little envious.  Why do you think other people liked your picture?
Hilary: It might have been due to the fact that a lot of my friends on FB thought it was a picture of me holding the NEW baby, our first boy. Haha, oops! :)

Your Cherished Birth: We are all eagerly awaiting that one too!  Perhaps after he is born I could persuade you to share his birth story with us, but until then can you tell me what a typical day looks like in your house?
Hilary: A typical day… Hmmm. Charlotte usually rolls over and wakes me up asking for cereal. Clara wakes up shortly after that. We all eat breakfast and then read from our Story Bible for the day and recite our Bible verse. Then the girls play for a bit while I (try to) straighten the house. I’m 8 months pregnant right now so that might not get done sometimes, lol. We usually then either stay at home and they play until lunch or we go to the park, to library story-time, to play-group.. Just depends on the day. Then its lunch, naps, straighten up the house before daddy gets home, and then dinner with daddy. Nothing too special. Sometimes I might work in some work with ABCs with Charlotte, but not every day.

Your Cherished Birth: I think it is wonderful that you do a devotional and bible verse with your girls!  That is an incredible thing to teach them. 

In my job I feel that my number one goal is to help women discover that no matter what the past says, no mater how you deliver your babies, or what choices you make in regards to the well-being of your family you are a cherished person, and your birth story can be cherished too. Do you feel cherished?
Hilary: Most days :)

Your Cherished Birth: What makes you feel cherished? 
Hilary: Regardless of how other people make me feel, I know I am cherished and loved by God. Some days that is the only thing that gets me through when life gets crazy and hectic.

Your Cherished Birth: I think crazy and hectic might be on the job description for ‘mom’ if there were one!  In light of my goal to make women realize how cherished they are, if you could teach women one thing about themselves what would it be?
Hilary: I would teach them that we are all fallen and sinful and it’s only by trusting in our Savior that we can be made beautiful and worthy. We are loved by God and He is everything that we need.

Your Cherished Birth: So true Hilary! How about your kids? What one thing do you hope to pass on to your children that you didn’t learn until you were an adult?
Hilary: It’s a catechism my (almost) 4 yr old knows and we talk about frequently… How can we glorify God? By loving Him and doing what He commands. :)

Your Cherished Birth: Tell me about the man who helps you to be the beautiful woman you are. (your husband)
Hilary: I don’t have enough space. :) Thomas is a great godly man who I look up to a lot. I am so thankful for him. I have rough pregnancies, this one being the hardest one so far, and he has helped me and picked up my slack without me even asking…. He has such a content and joyful spirit. Ok Im about to get teary eyed, lol…

Your Cherished Birth: What do you cherish most about your children (individually or all together)
Hilary: Oh I just cherish them so much!! Children really are a blessing from the Lord. I love the cute little things they do, how they interact with each other, how even though I fail so much as a parent they are so forgiving and sweet natured. I just love them so much.

Your Cherished Birth: Do you have a blog you’d like to share with my readers?
Hilary: I don’t read blogs much, sorry! [and] I’m a horrible blogger.

Your Cherished Birth: Since the year is coming to a close soon, are you thinking of any new years resolutions for the coming year?
Hilary: Well, we have a new baby coming early next month so my NY resolution is just to not lose my mind! God be gracious to me! LOL!


Thank you all so very much for participating in the Beautiful woman campaign, and I pray that each of you reading this article will also feel blessed by a personal beauty that is nourished deep in your heart!  

Please be watching for the I’m Thankful for him Campaign on my facebook page, and start submitting those pictures!  any man with the kids he loves doing what men do best is what we are after here… Lets have it!  To submit your photo post it on Your Cherished Birth’s Wall on facebook and I will add it to the album “I’m Thankful for Him”.  I look forward to interviewing the man whose photo is ‘liked’ the most, or the woman who submitted the photo, which ever the case may be.  Either way we will find out what a great group of dads there are out there!  (Uncles and Grandpas are welcome to participate too!)

Have a Cherished Birth

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