so many changes

The last few months have been a whirlwind for our family, and I did promise to update when I could so here is the short version of our latest adventure.

Patrick (my husband) got a job in Oklahoma, we took a leap of faith and he accepted it even though I was due to give birth at any time. Amazingly he managed to be here for the birth of the cutest little boy in the world on October 27th 2013. Micah made his appearance one hour before Patrick had to leave to catch his flight back to his new job. (More about our baby boy later when I’m not typing on a phone)

On Halloween Patrick called me and said that he had been laid off. WHAT! He returned to us in Michigan and then found that his old company wouldn’t take him back.  This was hard and we felt lost. We thought God had offered us this new job… I still feel he put us in this position but I’m aware that his plans are bigger than my own and he sees the future more clearly than I ever will.

We spent the holidays with my parents and tried to figure out what we would do for work.  Luckily Patrick’s career field is one that there is always work available but not so luckily it is one that requires moving almost 100% of the time when switching between companies.

So where did we go?

Indianapolis Indiana.

Not a place we would have chosen on our own but close to my family, not too far from our dearly missed friends in Oklahoma, and in a city with an airport that is easy for Patrick’s family to come into when they visit.

So officially Your Cherished Birth has moved to Indianapolis Indiana.

I can’t wait to serve the women here!

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