Slow start to education

My very first class offered had one student, and what a blessing she was to me!  bearing with a new teacher can not be easy on anyone, and I can’t thank her enough for completing the class and I pray she took something helpful with her from it.  Though I don’t claim to have been the best teacher since I was learning how to teach at the time as well.

My second class schedule was put out much too late, I learned my lesson and was sure not to repeat the mistake for the next class, since I didn’t have a single student for it… this was sad, but probably actually worked out to my benefit since I was still struggling with morning sickness at the time.

I’m proud to say that my third class is well planned, totally ready to be taught and aching for some students.  I’ve received backing from local agencies who believe that what I’m offering is beneficial for the area, and who are advocates of educating women on their options and reducing the fear of birth… however despite my very deliberate attempts to attract people to these classes and also my doula services, I have yet to have a single student sign up for the class.

I’ll admit I’m disappointed.

I also found out recently that some women may be able to take the class free of charge (through a reimbursement program).  This really encouraged me when I learned of it, and I continue to hope that it will help to bring students into my practice, but so far have not seen the fruit of it yet.

With so much support it is surprising to myself and several others that I’ve not gotten the interest of any of the expectant moms in my area.

I don’t often ask things like this, but if any of my readers are also prayers, please pray for the mothers of the area, that they will seek out my service, or the service of others like me, that they will experience wonderful births, and that they will educate themselves on the options that are available to them to achieve the births they desire.  I’m eager to see the atmosphere of birth become a positive one here in the Iosco county and those surrounding it.

Have a Cherished Birth

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