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Someone posted this article ‘don’t wake the mother’ in a birth group, I read it all, there was one portion I didn’t really understand but perhaps it is in my own culture not to understand what would make colostrum something society would prevent mother’s from giving their babies (read it you’ll know what I’m talking about), but there was another part, that I am going to be talking to future clients about, and including in any of my own future birth plans… number 11

I am fascinated by the midwifery approach to protect a mother and her babies first moments.  There are so many things that people feel the need to do and have done at the first moments of birth that either seem necessary or drive me nuts… but the God’s honest truth is the biggest need for a mother and her baby are to be near to each other, touching each other, and looking at each other.  I know there are special circumstances that make this hard if not impossible for some mothers and their infants, but not many, and if there are special circumstances then there are ways to go about them to give the mom and her newborn a chance to bond.

I recently watched an episode of ‘Bones’ where Angela gave birth to her first child, they were worried about the baby being born blind and wanted the doctor to take it away to check it as quickly as possible, BUT hollywood, you got birth all wrong here!  Angela didn’t experience a realistic birth in my opinion, and then after her unrealistic birth the doctor did two things that hindered this fictional character from bonding with her baby… First they took the baby away without giving the mother or father a chance to even see the baby… then they did all their hoopla on the other side of the room where neither mother or father could see the baby, wrapped him up in a swaddler and hat and then slowly announced ‘it’s a boy, and he’s perfect.’ and SLOWLY walked to the other side of the room where the mother was waiting to see her baby for the first time.  I was in agony waiting for that kid to be handed to his mother!

Maybe I shouldn’t get so involved in a TV show, but seriously!  If I were a doula at that birth I’d have started unwrapping that kid and getting him on his mama’s skin so quickly they wouldn’t know what was happening until it was done.. then I’d sit back and watch as the long-awaited moments came when that sweet baby boy and his mama looked at each other for the first time and melted into each other.  Yeah it’s TV and hollywood writers know nothing about birth… but I can dream one day they’ll get it right.

Anyway all that was a sort of tantrum to get you to read the above mentioned article which has absolutely nothing to do with TV…

Have a Cherished Birth!


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