From a Midwife

I’ve always been fascinated by how life curves around me and leads me the way it does.  I always knew I would deliver my children into the hands of a midwife, but never dreamed that perhaps one day I’d be midwife cradling a newborn babes head as it was entering the world.  I’m not a midwife, I’m a doula, so I have not experienced that yet, but my hope, my 10-15 year plan is that I will eventually be a midwife.  So that is why I found this video so interesting. 

I hope you find enjoyment in it to as you listen to the testimonies of midwives around the USA, and hear their reasons for being what they are, and doing what they do.  This is only one of a series of videos available to watch, so I do hope you’ll look up the others and see what they all have to offer as well.

I’ve currently only watched the 1st and 2nd but look forward to watching the 3rd and 4th, and any others I can get my hands on.

Have a Cherished Birth

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