Umbilical Cord Wonders

The idea of delaying the clamping of the umbilical cord was a new thing to me when I first became a doula, but it is amazing to learn from each of my clients who has researched what she wants from her birth experience, and add those thoughts and resources to my own growing resource list.  But to be honest I was still skeptical, what difference does it make?  Why would you wait, why does it matter?  I didn’t research it, but listened to the opinions of my moms trusted their judgement and backed them up when needed (mostly just reminding hospital staff of mommies wishes)… I honestly don’t know if those wishes were heard even after my gentle reminder.

Why don’t I know?  because I never thought that you’d actually be able to tell by looking at the cord that it had completed its job… I was wrong!  Here is an article that shows some pretty amazing photos of the visual difference in a cord at birth and after it has stopped pulsating. Take a look, this alone tells me that perhaps there is GREAT benefit in waiting for the cord to complete it’s job.

Have a Cherished Birth

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