Why am I here?

Here is another personal note from your doula… no links this time.

I have delivered into this world two of the most precious little people who the whole world has ever seen.. that is exactly why I’m here.  My birth experience (just like yours will be) was one of the few times in my life that I will honestly say that memory will be mine forever!  Like the day I married my husband, like the day he proposed to me… one of those touch your heart, pull the tears from your eyes moments. 

I have a good birth story, full of the perfect situations, the perfect emotions, the perfect baby… all that jazz.

I have a horrific birth story, starting with being treated like an idiot and ending with a big scar across my belly and a baby who didn’t bond with me well.

I have a non birth story, one that started with an unexpected pregnancy and ended in a miscarriage and surgery.

All three of my children (yes I count the miscarriage) were brought out of my body in a way that I will carry for the rest of my life, a memory that is helping to form the woman I am today, and the one I’m going to be tomorrow… and the one I’ll be the day I die.

And it isn’t just me that feels this way… and that is why it is so important for you, as a mama about to bring into this world a beautiful baby created in your own womb, molded together by the hands of God himself, to have a team of people who understand your hopes, fears, and feelings present at the birth of your children.  Please consider the things a doula can do for you… here is a list (these are specifically the things I do, other doulas may have additional items or may not provide these things)

*hand and foot massage with olive oil  (so good for the skin!)

*hands on assistance in learning pain coping techniques

*24/7 on call assistance starting 2 weeks before your due date

*I’ll pick up food for you on my way to your house if you need it.

*I’ll help calm your husband/boyfriend/mother/sister (whoever is there)

*I’ll help you to remember good positions to get into for labor that will encourage baby along the birth canal and ease the discomfort for you.

*Once your baby is born I’ll help you get breastfeeding off to its best start

*I’ll visit you after the birth of your baby to ensure that things are going well (and bring food if you need it)

*I offer a special gift to my clients for their babies (sorry I’d tell you what it is, but it is unique and individual to you and your baby)

*I go over your birth experience and help you to get the details you might have missed (sometimes things are not that clear)

*I’ll talk to you about how you are feeling about your birth experience (sometimes when things don’t go the way we planned it is good to have someone to validate your thoughts and feelings about it)

There are so many other things that I offer, but it would take you forever to read them all… I hope you will consider having a doula at your next birth.

Have a Cherished Birth,


3 thoughts on “Why am I here?”

  1. If you had a doula at your birth what was one thing she did that you loved? If you didn’t have one, what was one things someone else did that you loved, or would have loved if someone had done while you were in labor?

  2. I have to say, while looking through hundreds of blogs daily, the theme of this blog is different (for all the proper reasons). If you do not mind me asking, what’s the name of this theme or would it be a especially designed affair? It’s significantly better compared to the themes I use for some of my blogs.

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