I need to get out more…

Often after the first few weeks of being a mommy you will come to this place where you realize you are covered in baby fluid… be it breastmilk, formula, poop, pee, or puke, and that you have not seen another human being other than your spouse or mother, and the baby in awhile… so get yourself a shower and look for a local MOPS group.  (Especially if you have a preschooler, but even if you don’t you may still be able to join.)

I went to my first ever MOPS meeting today, and it was great.  I connected, I was entertained, I had my hands to use for my own purposes, and best of all their were women there that are in the same place as I am with my children.

Being a mom only starts with your childs birth, being you starts at your own birth, and doesn’t stop when your baby arrives, it only gets better!  So get out there and enjoy being you!

Have a Cherished Birth,


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